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DEFBooty Helps Keep SCR Systems Clean

The best ideas in life are the ones that you say “why didn’t I think of that?” That’s just what you will say when you see the DEFBooty™ for the first time.

  • Simple to use
  • Effective at preventing the spread of contamination
  • Economical

Your highest probability of contamination occurs during the refilling process of the DEF Tank. Manufacturers specifically suggest that you wipe off the blue DEF cap and surrounding areas prior to filling. Why? If your dealer checks the cap and underside and notices it’s dirty, your warrantee is VOID!

The DEFBooty (patent pending) is the world’s first device specifically designed to keep the DEF cap and surrounding area clean. The disposable DEFBooty quickly slips over the DEF cap, keeping the area protected from dust, dirt and contaminants. The DEFBooty is designed to fit all Tier 4 Final equipment.

The DEFBooty is a protective cover that:

  • Protects the DEF cap and surrounding area from dust, dirt and debris of any kind
  • Maintains a clean area under the DEFBooty to prevent additional contamination from potentially falling in the DEF tank
  •  Easily identifies the DEF tank from the other tanks on off-road equipment such as diesel and hydraulic tanks


View this brief 1 minute video at and you will see the effectiveness and need of the DEFBooty for all your off-road equipment needs.

DEFBooty can be ordered online at


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