W 100 Fi, W 120 Fi and W 130 Fi Cold Mills

Mid-sized mills offer 39- to 51-in. working widths and are powered by Tier 4 Interim engines

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The W 100 Fi, W 120 Fi and W 130 Fi mid-sized cold mills feature a maximum milling depth of 13 in., and are powered by a Cummins six-cylinder Tier 4 Interim engine generating 320 hp.

  • Standard working widths of 39 in. (W 100 Fi), 47 in. (W 120 Fi) and 51 in. (W 130 Fi) with a front-loading system and all based on a common platform
  • Front-loading conveyor enables swift and smooth loading of large quantities of milled material
  • WIDRIVE machine control system keeps the engine speed within the optimal range during the milling process
  • Available as track-mounted or wheel-mounted models
  • Front travel drive units can be raised and lowered hydraulically and feature a large steering lock, allowing for narrow bends and flush-to-curb milling
  • Speeds can be infinitely varied from zero to maximum speed in the milling gears and in travel gear
  • Optional Level Pro system, Flexible Cutter System (FCS) quick-change system and Vacuum Cutting System (VCS) 
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