Dragon Rapid Asphalt Repair System (R.R.S)

Rapid Repair System RRS Applique 57ebf4e8b14ab

The Dragon Rapid Repair System (RRS) is a multifunction asphalt repair system that provides for a hot asphalt pothole repair in any temperature or time of year.

  • Can be used to heat cold patch, clean hot boxes of dried asphalt, repair existing asphalt, remove weeds/vegetation from cracks in roadways and curb lines, strip road markings, apply road markings and to remove ice dams from storm drains and walkways.
  • The RRS connects to any municipal vehicle with a type II/III 2-inch receiver, including light trucks, by way of an integrated extended tongue
  • The extended tongue allows for complete access to, and operation of, the tailgate and bed while the RRS is installed on the truck.
  • Fourdrop down legs simplify installation and removal of the system and allow the RRS to be easily stored until needed again
  • RRS is NOT considered a trailer and requires no registration