[PODCAST] Positive Feedback from Leaders Improves All Aspects of Construction Business

Wally Adamchik shares his advice for how construction contractors can improve their existing workforce through servant leadership and what the industry needs to do to bring in new workers

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Listen to this Digging Deeper podcast with Wally Adamchik to learn more about servant leadership, how to make your current workforce feel valued and how to find the future of your workforce.

To bring in and keep the right talent in your construction business you need to focus on your leadership. Wally Adamchik, president of Firestarter Speaking/Consulting sat down with Christoph Trappe to discuss the importance of servant leadership in the construction industry in this episode of Digging Deeper. Adamchik focuses on the need for servant leadership.

What is servant leadership? This leadership philosophy refers to a model where the leader is there to serve the workers. That doesn't mean it's a leader's job to make all the employees' jobs easier, but it is the leader's job to create an environment where workers feel significant and valued. It involves building trust and positively building up your workers' self-esteem. But it has to be genuine.

  • Give immediate feedback
  • Be clear on what it is
  • When possible,provide positive feedback

"Our tendency in the business and industry and life is when things are correct, they are correct. When things are wrong, we correct." So when we see things being done correctly, we often don't provide positive feedback because "that's how it's supposed to be."

"When somebody scores a touchdown, do we praise them? Well, that's what they are supposed to do," Adamchik says. Or what about when there is a great block? In football, we'll usually say "that was a great block." How come we don't do that at work and in the construction industry?