Cutting-Edge Capabilities Brought to Life Through the Cat® Trials

Caterpillar Inc. is celebrating 95 years and they are bringing back their engaging video series.

The Trials are back October 20th!
The Trials are back October 20th!

Six years ago, Caterpillar Inc. launched The Cat® Trials, a series of videos featuring heavy equipment operators and different Cat products taking on unbelievable challenges and putting their machines to the test. One generator to power 8,840 lanterns, a smartphone dropped 30 feet into a pool of water, a Guinness World Record holding sandcastle and so much more.

To celebrate their 95th anniversary, Caterpillar Inc. is bringing back The Trials and we cannot wait to see what Cat does next!

Save the Date – October 20

Caterpillar Inc. announced The Cat® Trials are returning October 20 with a video “featuring a challenge around every corner.” The anticipation they have built for the new video release is like Christmas morning! is celebrating this announcement with The Cat® Trials Quiz. The quick quiz features questions from previous trial videos and if you answer all the questions correctly, you can enter to win an exclusive Caterpillar Inc. prize pack! You might be thinking, “where can I find the answers to the questions?” We made it easy and have a playlist of all the previous videos on the same page as the quiz.  Psst, the answer to question one, is in the first paragraph of this blog.

Equipment Put to the Ultimate Test

Each of the eight Cat® Trials videos, showcased an array of Cat products to demonstrate precision while working in extreme conditions. Remember when the 793F carried an entire golf green maneuvering through obstacles while two pro golfers took chip shots aimed for hole on the truck? Or when the 349E set the last block on the Jenga® tower before it came tumbling down? Caterpillar did this to emulate what their machines are capable of on simple or complex jobsites. Not only did they show incredible feats, they made these videos interactive for both novice and veteran operators and made these fun for the everyday person to watch as well.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the release of this must-see video event of the year. Be sure to sign up to get notified about the video drop (if you complete the quiz, you will be on the list).