The Contractor's Best Friend Podcast Season 3 Episode 6 - Top 5 Success Strategies Part 2

Brad Humphrey and the Caterpillar subject experts are back with part two of the Top 5 Success Strategies for construction contractors

S3 E6

Embracing the Demands of the Job

Raise your hand if you can remember the last time you’ve had two similar days on the jobsite. A contractor’s job is challenging, includes unexpected situations and is never the same. That can lead to burnout and difficulties balancing life’s other challenges outside the workplace.

Brad Humphrey and Caterpillar’s subject matter experts are back with part two of the Top 5 Success Strategies. In this episode, they discuss how critical a 90-day plan is, work life balance tips that every crew struggles with, perseverance and grit.

Tune in and hear from the veterans of the construction industry.       

Moderated by:
Brad Humphrey, The Contractor’s Best Friend, Pinnacle Development Group - Founder

Brought to you by:
Jason Hurdis, Caterpillar Inc, Global Market Professional – Quarry & Aggregates Industries
Lonnie Fritz, Caterpillar Inc, Market Professional – Construction Industries


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