[VIDEO] Contractor Patents Modular Concrete Method that Cuts Construction Costs 20%

Patented modular concrete structural system created by Barry Swenson Builder for high-rise residential, office, and medical uses is known for sustainability, cost effectiveness, and structural safety

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued Barry Swenson a patent for what is termed the "Landmaker" structural system building method. The patent recognizes "A method of modularly constructing a multi-story building in a cost-efficient manner" where the shear walls are "out boarded," or constructed floor by floor closer to the edge of the building, rather than around a central elevator or stairwell core.

Swenson claims the Landmaker method can save up to 20% in construction costs while increasing seismic safety.

Swenson and a team of engineers/inventors developed the Landmaker system in 2000. The Landmaker process has been used in nearly a half-dozen high rise construction projects in the Silicon Valley.

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