PRO12.3 EFI Portable Generator

Closed-loop electronic fuel injection cuts $1 per hour in fuel costs from 12.3-kW generator

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The top of Kohler's new portable generator line is the uses the 12.3-kW PRO12.3 EFI, which Kohler says is powered by the only closed-loop EFI engine in its class. An oxygen sensor in Kohler's Command PRO EFI engine analyzes air/fuel mixture in the muffler. If oxygen content strays from the ideal ratio, the sensor triggers adjustments to the amount of fuel injected into the combustion chamber. The system helps deliver optimal fuel efficiency and improves starting, fuel adaptability, and power. Kohler says the PRO12.3 EFI costs about $600 more than a standard engine, but the company's experience with closed-loop EFI suggests it will save about $1 per hour (based on gasoline at $3.50 per gallon) running at about 70 percent load.

  • Kohler Accu-Fill makes filling the fuel tank easier and minimizes spillage
  • On-board maintenance reminder indicates when oil and air-filter changes are needed
  • Three-year professional warranty
  • Seven portability accessory kits include options such as auto-locking hand-truck handle kit, wheelbarrow handle kit, lifting kit, cord management kit

Video: Kohler Generator Promises $1 per Hour Savings

Brochure: Kohler Portable Generators & Pumps

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