Introducing the new company buyer's guide,

Who doesn?t like a one-stop shop? In this day and age of tight schedules and instant access, everyone is looking for the shortest distance between two points. In our editorial content, we often touch on the importance of making your rental business a one-stop shop for your customers.

And now we've taken our own advice. Last month, we launched, a comprehensive and fully interactive company buyer's guide to the equipment you need in your inventory - your very own online one-stop shop. contains thousands of products from manufacturers of every type of construction-related equipment. Organized by equipment category and by company, it's easy to find whatever it is you?re looking for. And once you find that certain piece of equipment you're interested in, you can contact the manufacturer for more information with one click of your mouse.

We're excited about and what it can do for you, our readers. We're also very pleased to note that this new feature is but one of many that make our website a highly valuable and dynamic business tool for rental professionals. Because we think it has so much to offer, I'd like to take this opportunity to explain a little bit about our magazine's website. is part of a larger, portal site called, or FCP for short. You can get to the Rental Product News website by going directly to or by first visiting and then clicking on the Rental Product News tab on the right side of the page.

I mention this to clear up any confusion there might be as we promote both URLs in the magazine. encompasses websites for five construction equipment-related publications here at Cygnus Business Media. Besides Rental Product News, they include: Equipment Today, Concrete Contractor, Asphalt Contractor and Pavement. The unifying element between all five properties is that readers of all the magazines are construction equipment owners. As such, content on the FCP site includes the latest industry news and products, business management articles as well as the industry's leading video network and the brand-new For its part, offers rental-specific news and products, the magazine archives and more.

We hope this effectively explains the various resources we have to offer you, our readers, on the web. We are very excited to bring you and hope it becomes a resource which you use to its fullest potential. Please contact me with any questions or comments at Thanks!