United Rentals to Use the PeopleAnswers HR Solution to Capitalize on Growth

PeopleAnswers today announced a software licensing agreement with United Rentals to improve employee diversity and support rapid growth with the PeopleAnswers HR-focused business solution.

"We would like to capitalize on the growth in our business, and that takes ensuring we have more diverse and the right talent to boost sales and continue our growth momentum," said Craig Pintoff, senior vice president, Human Resources, United Rentals. "Using sophisticated technology like PeopleAnswers creates a simple, science-based hiring process that allows us to broaden our talent pool and select better quality employees who will grow with the company."

United Rentals will start by using the PeopleAnswers desktop and mobile software platforms to help select and hire sales and management employees for all of is 850-plus locations in the United States and Canada. The company will also use PeopleAnswers in selecting regional and district managers as well as regional support staff and corporate headquarters personnel. PeopleAnswers compares the Behavioral DNA(R) of each candidate to a custom Performance Profile built for each position to determine hiring recommendations. Recruiters will use PeopleAnswers to prioritize candidates before contacting the top recommendations for interviews with hiring managers in the field.

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