Olivet Management Statement on OSHA News Release

Olivet Management LLC issued a statement today in response to a news release by the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration:

"Olivet has been working together and cooperating with OSHA and other agencies to ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthful workplace. We are reviewing the notice and will address the citations in a timely manner. We have the same goals as OSHA's to ensure that once construction and renovation work is commenced, all workers will be fully protected against any unsafe and unhealthful working conditions.

"Furthermore, being new to New York State, we are grateful for the direction we have been given by both state and federal agencies in helping us move forward with our long-term commitment to bring economic development, stability and vibrancy and new jobs to the area in the most effective and efficient manner as possible. We look forward to working with all affected parties to revitalize these many acres of property which have been unused and remain in their original condition when the State of New York closed all state hospitals facilities twenty years ago.

"We will be taking a close look at the extensive citations and penalties that OSHA has issued in the hope of working with the agency to resolve them.

"Finally, we look forward to moving forward on a project that we believe will help restore economic energy to the greater Harlem Valley region and to a project we at Olivet Management are committed to for the long term."

Olivet Management LLC is a real estate development and management company specializing in school and commercial properties across the United States. Olivet Management is developing The Olivet Center in the Harlem Valley, New York, envisioned to be an education, IT and research center. The initial plans for the project call for the adaptive reuse of buildings, creation of local jobs and an increase in activity to attract new retail to the area.