Indiana DOT Awards $102M for Local Transportation Projects

The Indiana Department of Transportation has awarded $102 million in federal transportation funding to cities, towns and counties, including $70 million for road construction, $17 million for bridge construction and $12 million for bicycle and pedestrian and nearly $3 million for safety projects. A complete listing of awarded projects is available here.

INDOT sets aside 25% of the federal highway funds appropriated by Congress each year to fund larger local transportation projects. Metropolitan Planning Organizations distribute federal road, bridge and safety funds to local communities within the state’s larger urbanized areas. INDOT distributes these funds outside MPO areas. In addition, INDOT distributes Transportation Alternatives funding for non-motorized projects such as trails and Safe Routes to School projects.

To receive federal funding, communities must pay at least 20% in local matching funds and meet other federal requirements.

Awarded projects would be designed, developed and have purchased land according to federal standards prior to bid during the state fiscal year beginning July 2017. In February, INDOT awarded $86 million in federal transportation funding for local projects that would be bid beginning July 2016.