Results, You Bet!

NAPSA sweeper training success stories

So, for months and maybe longer, information has been shared on the development of the Certified Sweeper Operator programs by the North American Power Sweeping Association. Would you like to know where this program stands? No, it hasn’t been all talk, it’s live and there are some real results!

To date, NAPSA has developed and launched the Certified Sweeper Operator (CSO) program for Parking Lot as well as Construction processes. Both of these programs can be found at CSO Parking lot has 51 lesson modules in the coursework and was launched in February 2018. The CSO Construction program has 69 lesson modules and was launched just over four months ago. Both courses are a great baseline for education of sweeping truck operators and cover a broad range of topics in the modules. Students are required to pass all of the online lessons and tests as well as an oral exam and have at least 1,000 hours (about 6 months) of incident free sweeper driving.

 You may wonder how well they are running to date. The CSO programs currently have 349 users at various stages of working through lessons. CSO Parking lot has logged more than 115 graduates and in the past four months, CSO Construction has had 18 dedicated students pass all of the 69 modules and testing requirements. According to Pete Phillips of Clean Sweep in Chattanooga, Tennessee, “Our company has had all of our drivers complete the training as well as other staff who wanted to train. We have seen marked improvements in our processes, our drivers and just overall increase in morale from the Clean Sweep team. They appreciate the investment that Clean Sweep is making in them and the accomplishment makes them proud personally. It was an added benefit that we hadn’t expected. I highly recommend CSO parking lot or construction to anyone who has sweeper trucks.”

One of the features that NAPSA is bringing to the CSO program is an owners Dashboard. This feature will allow owners to review the process of their students enrolled in the courses. NAPSA will continue to enhance and grow the trainings offered at as the courses benefit the whole industry, NAPSA member and non-member alike. For more information, contact the NAPSA Headquarters at (888) 757-0130.