Dick Detmer Releases New Edition of Rental Business Employee Training and Motivation Book

Dick Detmer’s books have served as the foundation for many rental businesses’ employee training programs since his first book was published in the mid 1980s. In keeping with the tradition of educating new and existing rental business employees, this brand new edition expands on core principles for success and promotes the equipment rental business as an attractive, viable career choice for individuals who desire an interesting and rewarding profession.

According to the book’s author, Dick Detmer, president of Detmer Consulting Inc., who has devoted over 35 years to training and motivating employees for careers in the equipment and party rental industry, “The last edition of the book (the 7th) was published in 2002 so it was time for a fresh, new edition." 

The new 8th edition, titled “The Practical Guide to Working in an Equipment Rental Business – 8th Edition,” stresses the basics in an easy-to-read format. "It reinforces the principles that rental business owners and managers want to convey to their employees," Detmer says.

The book is designed as a continual guide. Employers are encouraged to give each employee their own copy to keep and refer to often. To encourage rental business owners to purchase a copy for each employee in their business, there is a significant discount for those who order more than 12 copies. 

Other enhancements in the 8th edition include examples of the many easy-to-understand ways employees can help make their rental company grow and become more profitable. This new edition also puts extra emphasis on the importance of safety (both on the job and with customers) and how the employee can become more time-efficient and proactive in reducing the chances of mistakes. Employees are also encouraged to follow the professional formula to enhance the customer’s experience.

“Without a doubt, employees are the key to making a rental business truly successful and this book can be a small but powerful tool to educating and motivating each employee to make it happen," Detmer says.  

To order copies of the book, download an order form at www.detmerconsulting.com or contact the author directly at Dick@detmerconsulting.com or by calling (309) 781-3451.