New Construction Equipment August 2009

92ZV-2 Wheel Loader


The 92ZV-2 6.0 features a fuel-efficient 284-fhp Cummins QSM11 Tier III-certified engine with a 47% torque rise, providing the power for digging and hill climbing. Powerful hydraulics provide the breakout force and lifting capacity to easily dig bank material or lift heavy log or pipe loads. Standard features include adjustable declutch, dual boom kickout control, idle management system, ELS (Efficient Loading System) and dual mode engine switch. Options such as ride control and single lever hydraulic control offer ease of operation and comfort. MODM (Machine Operation Diagnostic Module) provides details on operating systems, continually diagnosing machine performance and monitoring fluids and filters.


KCMA Corporation (formerly Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp.)

AXIS Guided Boring System


The AXIS pit-launched guided boring system features a laser-guided system that provides pinpoint accuracy in the trenchless installation of 10- to 14-in. pipe for on-grade water and sewer projects. It has the ability to install up to 350 ft. of steel, clay and HDPE or PVC pipe in one bore. Spoil is removed from the cutter head via a vacuum excavation system. The system can either push or pull the product pipe into place, allowing flexibility in the type of product installed. Its main components include the power unit (engine and hydraulic pumps), rack, vacuum pump and vacuum tank.


Vermeer Corporation

LR 614 and LR 624 Crawler Loaders


The 101-hp LR 614 and 143-hp LR 624 come equipped with Tier III engines, hydrostatic drives and Liebherr electronic machine controls. The LR 614 offers a 24,471- to 26,464-lb. operating weight, 16,751-lb. tip load and a 1.57- to 1.63-cu.-yd. bucket capacity. The unit is compact, easy to transport and includes a full-sized cab and standard load-sensing hydraulics. The LR 624 comes in 37,245- to 40,893-lb. operating weights with a 22,857-lb. tip load and 1.96- to 2.35-cu.-yd. bucket capacity. It features true counter-rotation, increased hydraulic response speed and advanced design track rollers and frame.


Liebherr-America, Inc.

Non-Clog Pumps


With the ability to deliver flows up to 17,000 gpm and discharge heads of 240 ft. or more, these non-clog pumps are well-suited for sewer bypasses, sumping or other applications requiring high volume and the ability to move trash-laden effluent. Their non-clog impeller handles stringy materials and solids up to 5-in. and larger. A large clean-out port allows for removal of large debris without removing suction pipe or hose. Available features include vacuum assist or compressor prime, electric or diesel-powered engines and trailer mounted and sound-attenuated options on certain models.


Griffin Pump & Equipment

WP-25D Power Pack


The WP-25D diesel hydraulic power pack produces 13 gpm at 2,500 psi, making it capable of powering a variety of construction tools. It is built on a compact frame and is powered by a quiet, fuel-efficient, 25-hp Kubota three-cylinder diesel engine. Portable and lightweight at 450 lbs. wet, the unit can be easily moved anywhere it is needed on the jobsite. The automatic low-level shutoff on the hydraulic tank prevents pump failure due to low fluid levels, while the high temperature shutoff will protect the engine from overheating.


Wolverine Equipment