Colorbiotics World of Asphalt Preview 2024

Come visit Colorbiotics in World of Asphalt booth #2658.

Invigorate Plus Cold Mix

Invigorate Plus Cold Mix

Invigorate Plus Cold Mix

The re-binder offers a new way to pave with asphalt millings. The re-binder is a bio-based liquid topical that seals and binds loose millings to create parking lots, driveways and low-volume roadways. Its three-step process is so simple that property owners can complete projects themselves — and it also cures in less time than the competition. 

Invigorate Plus Sealcoat

Invigorate Plus Sealcoat2

A polymer-modified surface treatment that both restores and preserves high-traffic pavements. How? This sealcoat penetrates 4x deeper than the typical topical to reverse oxidation throughout the surface course, then its polymer component seals the entire top inch of pavement to prevent moisture from getting in. 

NEW! Invigorate Warm Mix

Invigorate Warm Mix

When using Invigorate at a 1% dosage rate, a 50 degree decrease in temperature at 40% RAP achieves similar or better results in both Hamburg and Ideal TC testing. In Ideal CT testing, Invigorate at 270 degrees Fahrenheit received a test score of 174.9, besting test samples heated to 320 degrees by more than 45 points. In Hamburg testing, Invigorate reached the -12.5 limit after more than 18,500 passes. These two scores together demonstrate an impressive relationship of resistance to cracking and pliability in the 270 degree test. Lower your mix temperature while also including up to 40% RAP; preferable to save costs. This warm mix solution is an all-natural additive, which contains 100% bio-based content and attacks aged binder at the molecular level to transform recycled material from the inside out. This product is also EPD verified.