ARIS (Asphalt Rubber Interfused System)

Hot-applied asphalt rubber binder technology is now available as an emulsion knowns as ARIS (Asphalt Rubber Interfused System).

  • The base thermoplastic adhesive is prepared in accordance with ASTM D 6114-97 wherein a minimum of 15%, very fine crumb rubber (100 - 600 mesh) is blended into and reacted with hot asphalt; the Asphalt Rubber is then compounded and emulsified into a smooth, stable, waterborne adhesive
  • Can be formulated as a coating, sealant and/or adhesive which will cure quickly to a non-tracking, water resistant binder or surfacing element
  • Resists oxidative hardening, weathering or mechanical wear
  • Can also be formulated to cure at non-traditional winter temperatures down to 40 degrees F at night
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