NovaGrip Liquid Anti-Stripping Additives

NovaGrip’s worker-friendly liquid anti-strip chemistry is less hazardous for paving crews and its powerful adhesion promoting technology makes roads last longer.

Nova Grip
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Road Science’s NovaGrip line of liquid anti-stripping additives safeguards workers from the hazards of traditional liquid anti-strips by using chemistry that is less hazardous and safer for workers.

  • Eradicates the smoke, odor and dust problems typical of traditional anti-stripping additives
  • NovaGrip’s adhesion promoting technology makes roads last longer by creating powerful chemical bonding between asphalt and aggregate that lasts even with prolonged exposure to water and the elements
  • NovaGrip additives add operational flexibility to the asphalt terminal or mix plant since they do not have to be heated, are compatible with all asphalt modifiers including PPA, and do not interact with other asphalt and mix components to adversely affect asphalt properties or grading
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