Cargill Anova Asphalt Rejuvenators

Cargill R H Black 3c

Anova rejuvenators have demonstrated desirable impact on asphalt pavements containing highly aged RAP and RAS binder (reclaimed asphalt pavement and shingles) in documented results in the laboratory and in the field.

  • Successfully used in pavements with up to 100% RAP usage
  • In addition to shifting the PG grade of virgin bitumen, Anova modifiers also rejuvenate RAP and RAS restoring properties of the aged bitumen, allowing for more versatility in mix designs
  • Has been shown to reduce required compaction temperature by as much as 20° C in high RAP pavements
  • Does not negatively impact rutting resistance of rejuvenated RAP mixture
  • Enhances low temperature cracking resistance of asphalt mixture, even at high RAP content
  • High flash point (in excess of 240°C/460°F) compared to petroleum-based bitumen rejuvenators, allowing safer handling without changing current processes
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