SigmaBond: Rapid Digestion Process (RDP)

SigmaBond is an innovative asphalt modifier that enables hot mix contractors to use more upcycled materials while extending the life of pavements.

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Powered by our proprietary Rapid Digestion Process (RDP), SigmaBond is an innovative asphalt modifier that enables hot mix contractors to use more upcycled materials while extending the life of pavements. Polyco has reengineered the way rubber modified asphalt is formulated. Their proprietary RDP completely digests recycled tire rubber and asphalt into a liquefied, homogeneous state — resulting in upcycled performance. 


  • Safety: SigmaBond makes roads safer with darker, smoother pavements, enhancing the contrast of pavement markings.
  • Cost Savings: Using SigmaBond for all rubberized asphalt blends allows contractors to blend liquid asphalt with the required feedstock. This removes the need for any specialty equipment that other methods of TR inclusion would require.
  • Versatility: Engineered for any mix design. SigmaBond can be used in any application, and be emulsified with up to 10% rubber loading. Additionally, SigmaBond can be transported by rail or truck and mixed without specialized equipment.
  • Resiliency: With SigmaBond – pavements are better protected with superior resistance to the thermal cracking, UV oxidation and aging – improving road conditions.
  • Sustainability: SigmaBond enables faster production times and sustainable practices without compromising performance. Our formula reduces tire waste while extending the volume of existing PG grades and improving ΔTc.
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