Asphalt Contractor Showcase July 2008

Asphalt products and equipment

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AZ-550 Reclamation Attachment


The AZ-550 full-depth reclamation attachment features a 203-hp Cummins Tier III turbo diesel engine generating 695 ft.-lbs. of torque.

  • Oil-cooled planetary gearbox for improved production on heavier projects
  • Up to 12-in.-thick cutting depths


Cold Planer


This cold planer attachment mills frost heaves around manholes, as well as handles full-depth utility cuts.

  • Restores proper drainage to pavement and textures pavement for skid resistance
  • Removes traffic lane stripes
  • Side shifts 24 in. left or right to cut next to curbs and obstacles
  • High-flow and standard-flow models available




These folding channelizers for traffic control weigh just 14 lbs. and fold flat to 4.5 in. thick even with a light attached.

  • Built from two equally sized pieces of HDPE plastic exceeding federal crash test standards
  • Equipped with highly reflective 3M sheeting
  • Molded-in stacking buttons protect the tape in storage
  • Can be stacked vertically or horizontally
  • Accommodate conventional ballast such as tire rings and sand bags




The DS-18 features a 13-hp gasoline engine or 5-hp electric motor with a heavy-duty, anti-vibration engine mount, a 7-gauge, solid steel frame, 18-in. blade capacity with dual-arbor cutting along with lifting handles, a lifting bail and prefect balance. Perfect balance is key to perfect performance, long blade life, smooth, even cuts and eliminates excessive wear and tear on the machine.


Leveling Assembly


The latest attachment for the Model 1200/1800 Hydraulic Truck Conveyors is the Model 1218LA leveling assembly.

  • Allows for more efficient road shouldering operations
  • Assembly comes in manual or hydraulic operating systems
  • Hydraulic unit comes with its own electrically controlled manifold, as well as an automatic shutoff to maintain an even flow of materials for consistent coverage


Nite Lite II


The lightweight, durable NITE LITE II plastic reflective fence can be attached to one or both sides of a Type III barricade for improved safety.

  • Can also be used to delineate fixed objects close to traffic and construction projects near roads
  • International orange reflective stripes
  • Rolls easily for storage
  • 4 x 50 standard rolls
  • Made of UV-protected polyethylene plastic


NorAm 65E Compact grader


The 16,800-lb. NorAm 65E Compact grader features an articulated frame, torque proportioning rear axle, wheel lean and inch control.

  • 110-hp Cummins engine and ZF full powershift transmission/torque converter
  • A-frame/circle configuration mated to a 10- or optional 12-ft. "rollaway" moldboard
  • 18-ft. turning radius
  • Standard air ride seat and "lo-effort" hydraulic controls
  • Available with canopy or cab and air conditioning


Rotary Wheel Asphalt Cutter


The Severe Service rotary wheel asphalt cutter features T-1 steel, which doubles the strength over the standard cutter.

  • Heavy-duty, high-speed bearing system suited for long, continuous cuts
  • Chromium cutting wheel offers 300% increased life


Simul-Phase Technology

The 20-kW kWiet Power model DGK25C is Shindaiwas first mobile generator model to be introduced with Simul-Phase Technology, a patented feature that allows the simultaneous use of dual-voltage, single-phase and three-phase current. The feature enables users to have 120- and 240-volt power for lights, electric tools, etc., as well as three-phase 240/480-volt power for motors driving compressors, pumps, etc., all from the same generator. The generator is powered by a quiet Isuzu diesel engine, plus incorporates Ultra Quiet sound attenuation technology. The combination allows for a 53-dB rating at no load and a 56-dB rating at full load.

SIS 1250 Super Illumination System


  • 150,000 lumens per lamp
  • Whiter light for better visibility
  • Improved color recognition
  • Booth #4936


The SIS 1250 Super Illumination System features 1,250-watt lamps that produce 150,000 lumens, a 30% increase in light output and 20% increase in coverage area over Allmands 1,000-watt system.

  • Designed for use in SHO parallel lamp fixtures
  • Engineered for mobile applications
  • Delivers enhanced color index light quality for better visibility and safety on jobsites