PAVE/X Essentials

Co-founder Jessica Lombardo shares what you should know about this exciting new event from IRONMARKETS that is launching this year.

Milling during BOMAG Innovation Days
Milling during BOMAG Innovation Days
Lori Ditoro

In February, many in the paving world will gather in San Antonio to participate in PAVE/X, a new event for those who work in pavement and pavement maintenance projects. In this Q&A, PAVE/X Co-founder Jessica Lombardo shares more about the event and some of the sessions and events she is most excited about.

What motivated IRONMARKETS to host PAVE/X?

PAVE/X was born because Amy Schwandt, the co-founder of the show, and I saw a distinct need in the market that was not being met. Over the years, we have attended many tradeshows and events and made relationships with contractors and exhibitors who have told us what they would like to see from an in-person experience. We took that knowledge and applied it to PAVE/X where we are offering attendees the live equipment demonstrations they asked for, expanded hours of education, a full tradeshow floor, plus additional opportunities for valued networking.  

Who should attend this event?

The PAVE/X experience is designed for contractors in the paving and pavement maintenance industry. The equipment and education that will be at the inaugural event is tailored to those that complete work in paving, striping, sealcoating, milling, sweeping, cracksealing and other pavement maintenance activities. The education is detailed enough that beginners can benefit from the informative “how-to” sessions, yet broad enough that business owners -  and those with years of experience - can also find courses that will suit them and their needs. 

Can you recommend some sessions or panel discussions that you are excited about or think will be particularly educational?

We have sessions from legacy industry veterans with years of experience and contractors who will bring a fresh perspective of the industry to attendees. There are so many great sessions to attend with five tracks that offer something for everyone; Paving, Sealcoating & Pavement Preservation, Striping, Sweeping and Business Management. Here are a few sessions that we feel give attendees a good glimpse of what they can expect of the sessions at PAVE/X. Full details can be found at: Sessions (

  • BusinessTuesday, 1/30, 7 a.m.: If Cost Is the Issue, What's Your Solution? Preservation
    Wednesday 1/31, 7 a.m.: Everything You Need to Know About Owning a Mill
  • Paving, Wednesday, 1/31, 10:45 a.m.: Planning & Building Specialty Paving Projects
  • Sweeping, Thursday, 2/1, 8:30 a.m.: Rockstar Recruiting for a New Generation + How to Compete on Awesome & Not Price
  • Striping, Thursday, 2/1, 9:30 a.m.: Best Practices for Pavement Marking Removal & Surface Prep

If you have to pick one thing, what are you most excited about or think is most innovative about PAVE/X and why?

We believe the live equipment demonstrations will be incredibly helpful for anyone who is looking to see new equipment in action. These demos will give potential buyers and equipment operators the opportunity to see the machines work and get their questions answered from the manufacturers who know the equipment best. We have curated this outdoor event to be immersive with big screen TVs, bleachers, food trucks, a beer garden and more. It’s truly an event unlike any other.

We are also excited for all the networking opportunities built into PAVE/X. From the preview night and Pavement Awards to the Hops & Highways lounge and the blowout after-party event, contractors will have many opportunities to talk to–and learn from–their peers. 

How exciting is it that the exhibit hall is sold out in Year 1?

We are so thrilled to sell out on year one! Truly humbling! We know that PAVE/X is bringing some of the largest equipment manufacturers in the industry to San Antonio in year one where they will be showcasing their latest innovations. We are honored in the trust that the industry has in us to sell out this event right out of the gate and know that attendees will find incredible value in attending.

What else should readers know about PAVE/X and what to expect from the event?

PAVE/X was created from our 30+ years of industry experience, building on the trust and knowledge we have earned over the years. We truly believe this is an event unlike any other and can’t wait to show attendees the future of in-person events.

We have also ensured to partner with the right associations, leaders and influencers in the market that will help make certain we will meet the needs of the attendees we will be attracting to this event.