Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment

Freeland, MI 48623

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2600 W. Salzburg Rd.
Freeland, MI 48623
Fax:(989) 495-9342

Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment (aka Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment) manufactures a versatile asphalt recycler & hot box (patent pending design) that will:

  • recycle asphalt chunks and millings
  • hold hot mix for days
  • heat & reheat cold patch

Falcon's asphalt maintenance equipment enables its users to recycle asphalt that will save time, money, and allow for permanent repairs to be made year-round with recycled asphalt. Repairing roads, parking lots and pathways with recycled asphalt will reduce costs and help the environment.

Founded in 2004, Falcon is the category leader being recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing road maintenance equipment manufacturer in North America. Falcon manufactures asphalt repair equipment in trailer, dump box, slip-in, MINI and hook-lift models with hopper capacities ranging from 1/2 to 8 tons. A full line of bolt-on options is also available.

Falcon equipment recycles asphalt with no moving parts through Falcon's unique and patent pending heat management system.

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