James Cox & Sons, Inc.

Colfax, CA 95713

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1085 Alpine Way
Colfax, CA 95713
United States
Phone:(530) 346-8322
Fax:(530) 346-6854

James Cox & Sons manufactures asphalt, bitumen, concrete and soil testing equipment which conform to various ASTM, AASHTO and Californian specifications.

James (Jim) Cox initially worked as a design engineer developing products to test asphalt for highway construction. Jim started out working for the Californian highway materials and research division. Jim left to set up his own business, originally working from his garage in Sacramento. Later Jim set up “James Cox & Sons” based in Colfax, Calif., a professional business that is globally renowned for innovation and quality. The business has been successfully trading for over 30 years. Cox & Sons was selected by The University of California at Berkeley (UCB) to design and manufacture the prototype shear testing system for the federal Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP). SHRP was initiated to develop standards for road construction in this country. The original testing system is still in use at the Richmond Field Station (UCB). Over the years, James Cox & Sons has developed a line of products for asphalt, concrete and soil testing which conform to various ASTM, AASHTO and Californian specifications. Cox & Sons has built a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality equipment utilizing the finest materials and latest technology. The company integrates all of these factors to provide top-of-the-line systems for a complete customer orientated solution. All of our products are designed and fabricated with care and precision in the heart of Gold Country, Northern California. The company is proud to say our products are made in America.

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