VÖGELE MT 3000-2i Material Transfer Vehicle

Unit offers an 18-ton storage capacity and can move 1,300 tph

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The newly designed MT 3000-2i material transfer vehicle from Vögele weighs 56,000 lbs., with 18-ton storage capacity, and offers a low profile.

  • Can move 1,300 tph 
  • Active remixing is achieved by two 16-in. diameter conical augers in receiving hopper
  • Both primary and secondary conveyor belts are 43 in. wide and are heated to keep material from sticking and eliminate “warm up” loads
  • Secondary conveyor can swing 55 degrees to left or right
  • Heated scrapers keep belts constantly clean
  • Passive remixing 17- or 22-ton “receiving insert in paver hopper
  • Grate system in the receiving insert breaks up cold crusts as they enter the insert, allowing smaller clumps to absorb heat from the hotter surrounding mix
  • Feed system with auto feed function automatically slows or shuts down feeding when the paver hopper insert is filled
  • Maximum delivery override switch delivers material at maximum throughput for instant filling of the hopper inser
  • Collision bar on the paver insert will halt pavers if they get too close to the MTV
  • 215-hp water-cooled Deutz engine is Tier 4-interim emissions-compliant

Brochure: Vögele MT 3000-2i Offset Material Transfer Vehicle

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[Video] Vögele MT 3000-2i Material Transfer Vehicle in Action

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