Lincoln Paving 770 Series Windrow Elevator

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The 770 Series is equipped with a 60-in.-wide high-capacity slat conveyor and has a 94-in. discharge height for a full hopper load.

  • Smooth running, Tier 4 Interim, six-cylinder diesel engine
  • Two high-torque hydraulic motors drive an upgraded high-demand duty cycle gear reducer on both sides to provide balanced power to the conveyor drive shaft
  • Drivetrain design transmits 30% more torque to the conveyor flight assembly
  • Hydraulic telescoping paver attachment for ease of hookup
  • Increased rear caster frame pivot point angles minimize residual resistance during forward and reverse transitions
  • Easily operates attachments such as the Pug Mill, Re-mix Auger or Material Modifier, which is used with Rubberized Hot Mix Asphalt
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