Dynapac MF2500CS Material Transfer Vehicle

Dynapac North America introduces the new MF2500CS material transfer vehicle (MTV) product family featuring two new models, the MF2500CS and the MF2500CS with SwingApp

Dynapac Mf2500 Cs Swing App Front Side

The Dynapac MF2500CS MTV features a high performance and durable conveyor belt system that can empty a standard 35-ton truckload in as little as 35 seconds, significantly reducing truck cycle times and boosting overall productivity.

  • 8-ft. 4-in. width
  • Belt Conveyor 1Available SwingApp functionality can transform the unit to an offset feeder by swinging the conveyor belt up to 55° in either direction, enabling the capability to handle a variety of feeding applications, including feeding two pavers in a side-by-side configuration, feeding one paver from a different lane or filling medians
  • Well-engineered conveyor belt designed to reduce wear to the components
  • Transportation of the feeder is simple due to its compact transport dimensions
  • Averages less than three gallons per hour of fuel consumption
  • Powered primarily by a Cummins QSB 6.7-C220 diesel engine and can reach operating speeds of over 80 feet per minute with a transport speed of approximately 2.5 mph

[VIDEO] Dynapac MF2500CS Feeder Designed with Operator in Mind

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