Weiler E1250B Remixing Transfer Vehicle

Weiler E1250 B Working

The Weiler E1250B Remixing Transfer Vehicle features a true remix of material for proven reduction of segregation.

  • Patented, twin-interlaced auger system provides a true remix with superior reduction of particulate and thermal segregation while processing up to  600 tph 
  • Variable speed elevator and conveyor allow chain speed to match production, minimizing wear and material segregation.
  • One elevator and one conveyor reduces the number of wear items an cost, delivering higher margins with lower cost-per-ton of asphalt placed.
  • 24-in. shifting operator platform, with ergonomic controls, is located at the front of the machine for exceptional visibility and operator comfort
  • The paver hopper management system controls the speed of the discharge conveyor and  elevator to maintain consistent material level in paver hopper insert while the distance to paver radar maintains the distance between the E1250B and paver
  • Full-width, hydraulic drop down floors along with hydraulic remix chamber doors provide unmatched access for cleanout and machine inspection        
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