Membership Drive Offers 'Stimulus' Savings

NPCA rolls back membership dues to 2004 rates.

Last issue we wrote about computer security threats. Shortly after our e-newsletter software was hacked, and we became a victim. Because of this we could not offer a "membership special" as intended, but we can now! We all know that the "stimulus" from the government has only affected the largest contractors in highway construction, and it's been a tough year for many contractors - members and non-members - yet here we are starting our second decade.

So to celebrate the start of our 10th year NPCA is offering a real "stimulus" of our own. Normally dues for the NPCA are $375; however, we decided to rollback dues for one weekend to the 2004 rate of $199. Readers of Pavement magazine can go to our "Become A Member" page at At the bottom is our usual form for submitting your information. There will also be a button and box where you must make an e-payment to join at the reduced rate by entering the special PvmtLD code. The discount will be there only for 30 days from the time this issue comes out. (Current members can also add a full extra year to their membership at the same great rate by entering their company name and making payment with the code.) This is a full year's membership with full NPCA benefits (plus extra things we have planned celebrating our 10th Anniversary). If you are not sure you meet the qualifications for membership our contacts are on our site, just ask.

Of course the year's not over, but as of late September our searches for contractors are far outpacing previous years. With the economy like it is we can only assume that this is because consumers, both commercial and residential, are looking for the best value for their money. In our area where consumers can ask questions on our forums and e-mail directly to us we have gotten more messages than ever from people wanting to know if they are getting a reputable bid. We even had a great post recently from someone who hadn't searched for an NPCA contractor - but when it was suggested he searched, found one, and got a better price and guarantee for a better spec than the bids he already had.

Before we close, we'd like to congratulate two NPCA members for being featured in the last issue of Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction, and we'd also like to congratulate our sister organization NAPSA for their new website. It is laid out in a modern design, featuring many things the NPCA site has, and we plan to renovate the NPCA website in the coming year, too.

Join us at 2004 dues as we start our second decade serving contractors and property managers/owners/all pavement consumers. With more independent national recommendations in 10 years than any association in the pavement field help plan for even bigger and better in the next 10!

For more about NPCA and its benefits visit