Advances in Asphalt Paving

Screeds and other features expand paver applications.

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BOMAG 4413 self-propelled paver
The 4413 self-propelled asphalt paver delivers more engine horsepower, a redesigned undercarriage and improved operator ergonomics.

The 4413 is powered by a 60-hp Cummins A-series water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine. A load-sensing hydraulic system delivers power only as needed. Even with this power-saving system, the paver can push asphalt feeder trucks while maintaining working speeds up to 160 fpm.

The redesigned undercarriage utilizes welded-steel crawler-style components. Six sealed rollers per side carry the weight of the machine. Bolt-on rock guards installed on the inside and outside of each track drive prevent asphalt buildup on the chains. Each track drive is bolted to a crossmember frame structure and can be individually removed for maintenance. The entire undercarriage structure is removable, as well.

Dual operating positions allow control from either side of the paver. Operator's stations have been rotated back towards the operator to keep controls within easy reach. Upper platforms are cushioned in rubber to reduce vibration, and the lower walk boards extend to promote easier mobility.

The 4413 offers paving widths from 8 to 13 ft. A full-floating screed provides variable paving widths and features heat and vibration to help maintain material flow and consistency. The paver hopper is designed to hold up to 7.5 tons of asphalt for long operation intervals with fewer refills. A Mega-Feed dual auger system is standard.

Dynapac F5CS tracked paver
The F5CS tracked paver from Dynapac is suited for applications such as cycle tracks, sidewalks, pavement extensions, car parks and sport fields. The compact unit weighs approximately 11,905 lbs., and incorporates a hydraulically operated double-walled hopper with an 81-cu.-ft. capacity.

Screed width is hydraulically extendable up to 7 ft. 9 in. with a maximum working width of 10 ft. 2 in. and placement thickness to 8 in. Propane or electric heating is available.

A 53-hp Deutz liquid-cooled, emissions-compliant diesel engine provides high traction forces, a high oil flow rate and adequate hydraulic pressure even under challenging operating conditions. Sufficient power is available to deliver working speeds up to 52 fpm and transport speeds up to 1.9 mph.

For operating in confined jobsites, the paver can be equipped with a swing-out drive unit that can be moved over the entire width of the machine from left to right. In addition, foldable push rollers can be moved to an upright position, enabling the unit to pass through narrow doors.

The F5CS also features long tracks for high traction forces, high laying capacity, straight drive and optimized self-leveling.

Gehl Power Box Plus pavers
The 1448 Plus and 1648 Plus asphalt pavers feature fully extendable screed extensions that enable the machines to be easily adapted to different applications, such as driveways, recreational ball courts, bike paths and parking lots.

The standard full-floating, adjustable, vibratory screed offers an 8-ft. length and 13-in. width. Crown and invert pitch adjustments are provided through screw-type jacks located at the center and ends of the main screed assembly. These adjustments allow the operator to maintain a consistent depth and develop drainage contours within the mat. To heat the screed, the 1648 Plus uses a propane burner. The 1448 Plus uses the engine exhaust; propane heat is optional.

Other new features include an electronic control module that provides an automatic preheat timer and audible warning alarms, as well as a 3-dB noise level reduction.

The 1448 Plus is powered by a 36-hp Yanmar water-cooled diesel engine, a 44% increase in power from the model it replaces. The 1648 Plus is powered by a 48-hp Yanmar water-cooled diesel, a 19% power increase. Both engines have Tier III capability. The ground drive is a direct drive-type track design that will not slip under normal/severe conditions. This provides more versatility in different sub-base conditions.

Ingersoll Rand wheel and track models
Ingersoll Rand has expanded its highway-class paver series with the addition of the PF-6110 track-mounted and PF-6160 and PF-6170 wheel-mounted models.

All three pavers offer new features that provide greater control of material flow. The auger system is now independent of the conveyor system. Each of the two auger and conveyor drives uses sonic sensors for more precise material handling. The conveyor system chains are automatically tensioned, and the chain cover is self-cleaning. Reversible augers and conveyors are optional.

The pavers have a 10-ft. screed width with a maximum paving width of 26 ft. Various screed options are available, including the new Omni Series. Maximum screed temperature control is achieved through three electric, independent heating circuits. The 14.4-ton hopper capacity provides a practical production rate of 820 tph.

The operator station features a new layout and a digital display that provides onboard diagnostic capabilities in four languages. The control consoles on the dual control systems rotate and can pivot at two points for comfort, and each seat may be extended beyond the edge of the machine for improved visibility.

The units are powered by a 205-hp Cummins Tier III engine. A hydrostatic direct-traction drive system eliminates 70% of all mechanical drivetrain components.

The PF-6110 has a paving speed of 246 fpm and a travel speed of 11.4 mph. Its continuous, flexible rubber tracks have larger, oscillating bogies that provide optimal ground contact and traction. A Blaw-Kote release agent spray system is integrated into the machine to keep the tracks clean and provide easier maintenance.

The wheel-mounted PF-6160 and PF-6170 have a paving speed of 293 fpm and a traveling speed of 12 mph. The PF-6160 is designed without front-wheel assist, while the PF-6170 is available with standard two-wheel or optional four-wheel assist. Both models maintain uniform wheel-loading via a patented front-wheel suspension design. Hydraulic bogie cylinders provide a uniform load on all wheels for higher ground clearance, maximum traction and less wear and tear on the paver.

Terex Cedarapids CR300L Series
The updated CR300L Series commercial asphalt pavers feature a more efficient, higher torque diesel engine. The fully electronic, Tier III/Stage IIIA-compliant engine develops 160 hp, and has an electronic governor that holds speed better than mechanical governors found on previous models. The new engine boasts a 10% torque increase.

The hydraulic reservoir has been redesigned and relocated inside the engine basket, significantly reducing the amount of hosing. The 11% larger tank helps the hydraulic system to run cooler and extends paving time between refills.

The series includes a 9-in. longer hopper that provides an 11% capacity increase, allowing for more paving time between truck exchanges. Asphalt mix is now channeled from the hopper to the spread augers by the same heavy-duty chain, sprocket and slat bar delivery system found on the company's mainline pavers.

The pavers use the same Sauer-Danfoss 90 Series propel pumps found on larger models, giving them added tractive effort. They are also able to achieve higher paving speeds. The rubber-tire CR352L is 10% faster at 400 fpm; the rubber-track CR362L is 22% faster at 250 fpm; and the steel track CR362LS is 21% faster at 200 fpm.

The CR362L features the Smartrac system, which automatically maintains proper track tensioning at all times. Front bogie positioning on the CR352L rubber-tire model is extended 9 in., lengthening the wheelbase for stable operation.

Paving width for all CR300L Series models ranges from 8 to 18 ft. Three different screed designs are available with electric and/or fuel-oil heating.

Modern Machines for Pavement Laying and Renovation
In industrialized nations, maintaining and improving the transport infrastructure is just as important as building new roads, highways and railways. For a number of years, the construction equipment industry has been concentrating on these applications, and can now offer a wide range of equipment suitable, in many cases, for both new construction and maintenance. The 28th bauma trade fair, which takes place in Munich from April 23 to 29, will be presenting the latest products and application techniques.

Examples of advanced technology scheduled to be on display include cold milling machines, silos, tanks and electronic metering systems, bitumen spraying equipment and a variety of wheeled or tracked asphalt pavers.

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