Equipment Highlight: Pavers

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Gehl 1648 and 1448 Pavers

Power Box asphalt pavers from Gehl are designed for various commerical and municipal applications.

  • Two, fully adjustable screed options
  • 4- to 13-foot paving widths
  • 4-foot 9-inch to 5-foot 5-inch wall height for better operator visibility
  • 1648 has the option of attaching material augers to the extensions
  • 41-hp Isuzu water-cooled engine

Bomag ProPaver 813RT Paver

The midsize ProPaver 813RT can push asphalt feeder trucks while maintaining paving speeds up to 150 fpm.

  • Standard paving widths from 4 to 14 feet or up to 16 feet with optional 18-inch bolt-on extensions
  • Paving depths from zero to 6 inches
  • 80-hp Isuzu turbocharged diesel engine powers a hydrostatic drive and pumps
  • 7.5-ton hopper capacity
  • Dual-slant conveyor system
  • Dual operating stations

Terex/Cedarapids CR552RX Remix Paver

The CR552RX Remix Tier 2 Series rubber-tire paver features a 240-hp turbocharged diesel engine.

  • Three screed models with paving widths from 10 to 30 feet
  • Hopper load bearing capacities increased by 40 percent to 25 tons
  • Large rear wheel drive motor with 20 percent increase in drawbar pull
  • Remix Anti-Segregation System virtually eliminates particle and temperature segregation
  • Revamped cooling system with single-width, triple-element radiator

LeeBoy 8816 Asphalt Paver

The LeeBoy 8816 5,000-pound, 130-hp track-mounted asphalt paver is designed for road and commercial applications.

  • 8- to 15.5-foot heat and vibrating Legend screed system
  • Dual operator stations
  • 10-ton receiving hopper
  • Independent sonic auger and conveyor system

Ingersoll-Rand Titan 8820 Paver

The new Ingersoll-Rand Titan 8820 features an electronic paver management (EPM) control unit.

  • 19.3-ton paver
  • For placing wearing, binder and base course material in large paving widths and thicknesses

Caterpillar AP-655C Asphalt Paver

The AP-655C 8-foot rubber-track asphalt paver incorporates the Mobil-trac system undercarriage, combining the traction and flotation benefits of a crawler with the mobility, speed and ride characteristics of a wheel-type paver.

  • 40,800-pound operating weight
  • 174-hp Caterpillar 3056E ATAAC diesel engine
  • Steering/propel controller
  • Material-handling system uses a controller to precisely control augers and feeders, calibrate and monitor the system
  • Choice of Extend-A-Mat 8-16B or AS2251 screed

Dynapac F 25 and F 30 Pavers

The F 25 paves from 8 feet 2 inches to 26 feet with a 1,700-tph flow-through capacity, while the F30 has a 2,400-ton capacity and paving widths from 9 feet 10 inches to 52 feet.

  • 135- and 200-hp six-cylinder Cummins engines
  • Outboard auger drive system features two separate, independent, hydraulically driven augers with infinitely variable speed control
  • Separate slat and auger drives allow cutoff of material while spreading material evenly in front of the screed

LeeBoy 8515 Asphalt Paver

LeeBoy’s 8515 asphalt paver brings heavier track assembly and undercarriage, an 8- to 15-foot paving width, and 7.5-ton hopper to its 8500 Series of commercial asphalt pavers.

  • Can be outfitted with either a poly-pad or continuous rubber tracks
  • Hydraulically raised hopper bed for cleaning and service ease
  • 74-hp Hatz Silent Pack engine
  • Two-speed hydrostatic drive
  • Paves up to 6 inches deep
  • Dual operator station

Roadtec RP155

The RP155 asphalt paver is designed to work in all types of subgrades and paving applications.

  • 155-hp John Deere diesel engine
  • 8-foot electrically heated vibratory screed
  • Hydraulically raisable engine hood
  • Goodyear rubber tracks

Vögele 2111W Paver

The 2111W rubber-tire paver features a 110-hp Cummins QSB4.5T turbocharged diesel engine.

  • Portal axle drive provides true differential lock or modulated steer-assist pedals
  • 190-cubic-foot hopper capacity
  • 17-feet long with an 8-foot 6-inch inside turning radius and top travel speed of 13 mph
  • Fully proportional feeder system comes standard with ultrasonic material level sensors
  • Augers hydraulically adjust from 4 to 9 inches above the ground
  • 17-foot 6-inch maximum paving width

Ingersoll-Rand Highway-Class Pavers

The track-mounted 5110 and wheel-mounted 5160 and 5170 pavers feature an auger system that is independent of the conveyor system for optimal material flow.

  • Reversible augers and conveyors optional
  • 8-foot screed width
  • 28-foot maximum paving width
  • 13.6-ton hopper capacity for production rates of 719 tph
  • 185-hp Cummins Tier II engines
  • Hydrostatic direct-traction drive system
  • Front-wheel assist on 5160 and two- or four-wheel assist on 5170

Layton D-550 Super-Paver

Layton’s D-550 Super-Paver features a tow-behind design.

  • Single-lever controls for independent augers, screed depth and extensions
  • Up to 12-foot-wide paving
  • Manually adjustable hopper wings
  • Dual propane-powered engines

Mauldin Classic 550E Paver

The 550E classic compact paver is available in both crawler and rubber-tire models.

  • Extendable augers for laying 6-inch mats to a full 13-foot width without the use of shovels
  • Gear-driven steering system
  • 23-hp, three-cylinder Kubota water-cooled diesel engine
  • Paving speed up to 140 fpm

Salsco Mini-Track Paver

Designed for sidewalks, utility trenches, patching and more, Salsco’s Mini-Track paver can pave 3- to 6-feet wide.

  • Hydraulic tracks move in and out
  • 10-hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • Paving speed of 50 fpm
  • Paving thickness of 1/4 to 5 inches
  • Hydraulic cut-off plate
  • Hydraulic dump box
  • 6-foot turning radius

Puckett Bros. 692 Asphalt Paver

The 692 asphalt paver is powered by a 42.5-hp Caterpillar diesel engine.

  • 6-ton hopper with 9- to 14-foot extendable screed
  • Joystick controls on cylinder functions
  • Electronic speed control from zero to 240 fpm
  • Ergonomic, operator-friendly design
  • 8- to 13-foot model 682 asphalt paver also available

Vögele 2219T Paver

The 2219T features a 190-hp Cummins QSB5.9TAA turbocharged, aftercooled diesel engine.

  • Final drive uses two hydraulic motors to deliver four speed ranges with shift-on-the-fly control
  • Top travel speed of 10 mph
  • 225-cubic-foot hopper capacity
  • Augers hydraulically adjust from 4 to 9 inches above the ground
  • Fumes extraction system
  • Fully proportional feeder system with ultrasonic material level sensors
  • Four screed options
  • Maximum paving width up to 25 feet 6 inches