Road Widener World of Asphalt Preview 2024

The company will highlight the FH-R, along with other innovative solutions and technologies, at booth #2755.

Road Widener Fh R 2

Road Widener LLC puts more than 30 years of road construction experience to work manufacturing innovative shoulder maintenance equipment. They will highlight the FH-R, along with other innovative solutions and technologies, at booth #2755.

FH-R Material Placement Attachment

Road Widener Fh R 2

The FH-R is a versatile solution for material placement, precisely dispensing topsoil, gravel, asphalt, limestone and more — all with an attachment compatible with common machines that contractors already own. The remote-controlled attachment easily connects to most skid steers, compact track loaders, road graders and wheel loaders, operating off the host machine’s engine and hydraulics. It is available in left, right or dual dispensing configurations to take on any roadway around the world. The attachment streamlines a variety of tasks including backfilling, road widening, road shoulder repairs, remediation and aggregate placement. The material is poured into the hopper at the top of the FH-R and then precisely dispensed via remote control in adjustable lay down widths from 1 to 6 feet (.3 to 1.8 meters). The attachment dispenses up to 20 tons of material in under 10 minutes.

Offset Vibratory Roller

Road Widener Vibe Roller

The attachment’s offset, patented design allows the host machine to drive safely on flat ground while compacting sloping shoulders, ditches, trenches and other hard-to-reach areas alongside the road, a task that has traditionally put road crews in danger of rollover accidents, increased workers’ comp costs and led to poor safety ratings. The Offset Vibratory Roller attaches to most loaders, graders, compact track loaders and skid steers, operating off the host machine’s engine and hydraulics. Utilizing the host machine for power reduces maintenance by 90% over self-propelled rollers while also offering the versatility of three interchangeable drums sizes and up to 30-degree pivot angles.

Curb Backfiller Accessory

Road Widener Curb Backfiller 1

The accessory extends to the left or right of the FH-R and precisely dispenses material over the curb to backfill with dirt or aggregate. Paired with the FH-R, the Curb Backfiller boosts efficiency, accuracy and safety by replacing a backfilling method typically done manually by workers with shovels. Crew members can operate it with the original FH-R remote, improving convenience and reducing the number of needed laborers to just one.