Roadtec Announces Winter 2017 Technical Training Dates

Roadtec offers comprehensive programs at its Chattanooga headquarters for the asphalt paving and milling trades

Roadtec announces its winter schedule for Technical Service School and Paving Professionals Workshops (PPW) for the asphalt paving and milling industries. All the training sessions and workshops are held at Roadtec’s state-of-the-art training facility in Chattanooga, TN, and are taught by factory staff and industry experts. 

The Technical Service School is intended for advanced and head mechanics, field technicians, and service technicians who have a working knowledge of electrical and hydraulics schematics and electrical meters. 

Roadtec factory specialists will provide students with hands-on and in-class training, including sections on hydraulic and electrical system maintenance, troubleshooting, machine set-up, special applications, asphalt mixes and other topics. Those attending will have the opportunity to meet and talk with Roadtec personnel from all areas including service, engineering, manufacturing, sales and marketing. 

Technical Service School offers paver school in January 2017 and mill, Shuttle Buggy MTV and stabilizer school sessions in February 2017: 

Paver Schools

Session 1: January 11-13, 2017

Session 2: January 16-18, 2017 

Mill Schools

Session 1: February 1-3

Session 2: February 6-8  

Shuttle Buggy® Schools

Session 1: February 14-15

Session 2: February 16-17

Stabilizer Schools

Session 1: February 22-23

Roadtec Paving Professionals Workshops are taught by experienced professionals, from leading companies in the industry. The classroom and hands-on instruction covers proper applications of asphalt lay-down, handling, and rolling equipment. The range of topics covered include proper paver and screed set-up / operation, preventing mix segregation, quality joint construction, automated grade and slope control systems, Superpave compaction, and processes for coordinating plant and paving speeds. PPW is considered to be one of the most comprehensive paving training schools in the asphalt industry.

A variety of equipment are used during the PPW sessions. Two sessions are scheduled for January 2017. 

PPW Session 1 

January 23-24 

PPW Session 2

January 25-26 

To learn more about Roadtec Technical Service School and the Paving Professionals Workshops visit or call 800-272-7100.