Caterpillar and Axenox Announce Exclusive Deal for Asphalt Paving Screed System

A serious departure from standard industry designs, Caterpillar will now have the sole intellectual property rights and acts as the exclusive dealer for Axenox screed systems through the CAT dealer network.

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Provided by CAT

Making some serious news late in the afternoon, yesterday, Caterpillar made the announcements that the company has secured a mutual agreement with the construction supplier Axenox Inc., securing the intellectual property rights for two of that company's asphalt paving screen systems. These products, known as "Oxclaw' and "Bullox" are a textured screen plate and a modular screen plate system, respectively.

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With this agreement in place, both of the innovative products will now only be available to CAT asphalt paving customers.

As a radical departure from the industry norms, Oxclaw's revolutionary three-dimensionally textured screed ensures lateral compaction and confinement to the asphalt material being laid. The result is an improved mat density and smoothness, as well as density at the joint. This means a reduction in compaction expense and possible overall cost savings.

The screed's cast plates are forged with high strength chromium carbide, which provides it with a much higher level of wear resistance and a longer working life in the field.

The Bullox system refers to an all-new way to secure the plates themselves to the screed. It can reduce the screed plate change time up to 80%, from days long, to less than four hours, potentially. Again, a major cost savings when it comes to machine down-time.

After an initial installation of the insulated conductor plate, the more simple screed plate changes are done by using a patented lock-and-go system. This eliminates the need to access and remove any nuts and bots.