Volvo Pavers Create Site Road System in a Day

In a record breaking effort the installation crew of Rask Mecklenburg GmbH moved on to a barren building site in Ostholstein, Germany, one morning with a Volvo ABG7820 asphalt paver and by nightfall, their job was done.

The order was clear. For foreman Jörg Frehse, the planning was simply routine. A new housing development was to be built in Stockelsdorf, Ostholstein. A construction road was needed - solid, with the best asphalt base layer for heavy construction vehicles and no frills because once the houses were finished, paved roads would complete the picture. Within just eight hours, the German contractor, Rask Mecklenburg GmbH, had finished the job thanks to the efficiency of the Volvo ABG7820, which handled around 500 tons of asphalt. The next morning, the first vehicles were already rolling over the hardened blacktop.

Swift operators
On a stretch of about 400m, an asphalt base layer - which would also cope with heavyweight construction vehicles - was cut to a width of 6.5m. In order to achieve this, the finisher, reduced to a width of 2.5m for the journey to the building site, had been extended to double its width. Attachments provided the 6.5m required for the road to be paved in one go and the compression roller followed right behind it.

Meanwhile, perched high above the job in the driver's seat, Steffan Metzner of Rask Mecklenburg GmbH had everything under control. His operating position gave him an ideal view of the leveling dial, the flow of materials into the bucket, the board and also the screw channel. This was thanks to the control console being centrally positioned and its ability to rotate and tilt as well as telescopically extend allowing Metzner to operate it comfortably from every corner of his cab.

Team effort
Frehse had planned the assignment meticulously and distributed the work operations amongst the individual employees in advance. The crew of Rask Mecklenburg GmbH has a history of well-orchestrated teamwork when it comes to blacktop construction. It goes without saying that the machine they use to do the job must also function smoothly, which is why the Volvo ABG7820 asphalt paver is regarded as an extremely reliable colleague. The installation crew consists of eight men from Rask Mecklenburg GmbH's 35 employees. They rely on the service and support provided by the Volvo contract dealers, Baumaschinen Könicke GmbH & Co. KG. Dipl.-Ing. Wolf-Christian Vopel, who has taken on the consultation service for the ABG finisher in the wholesales area of Baumaschinen Könicke GmbH & Co. KG, is always on call as a qualified contact person if any problems arise.

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