P7110 & P7170 Asphalt Pavers

Four-sensor feed system automatically regulates flow of asphalt to match paver speed and proportional auger speed control carefully meters material across the screen width

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Volvo's tracked P7110 and wheeled P7170 ashalt pavers feature decreased engine emissions and increased fuel efficiency compared to the previous models. Both feature a SmokEater fume extraction system to remove fumes at 83% efficiency without obstructing the view into the auger channel.

  • 235-hp Tier 4 Interim D8 engine
  • Four-sensor feed system automatically regulates delivery and flow of material to match paver speed
  • 12-ton capacity hopper with synchronized folding, hydraulic front hopper wings
  • Hydraulically powered two-stage tunnels for concise control of material flow across paving width
  • Proportional auger speed control and hydraulic auger height adjustments
  • Conveyors have reverse feature to control material
  • Low, single-level platform
  • Dual-rotating, tiltable consoles for operation from either side of machine
  • Blaw-Kote protective coating prevents asphalt from sticking to components
  • Available pump decoupler disengages non-essential pumps for consistent start-ups
  • P7110 has continuous rubber track with tandem bogie system
  • P7170 has two drive wheels, four front bogies and an optional front-wheel assist
  • Max paving width: 26 ft.
  • Max paving depth: 12 in.

Brochure: Volvo P7110 & P7170 Asphalt Paver


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