VF-600 and VR-600 Screeds

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Versatile front- and rear-mount screeds for 10-ft. and 8-ft. Vögele Vision pavers.

  • Front-mount VF 600 and rear-mount VR 600 screeds are utilized with the new 10-ft. Vision 5200-2i track paver, and the 10-ft. Vision 5203-2i wheel paver
  • Unequal-width, front-mount VF 500 screed is utilized with the 8-ft. Vision 5100-2 track paver, and 8-ft. Vision 5103-2 pavers
  • Front-mount Vögele VF 600 extending screed is equipped with vibration across the full paving width, up to 25 ft., 6 in.; its basic width is 10 ft., and can be extended hydraulically up to 19 ft., 6 in.; with bolt-on extensions fitted, it builds up to the maximum width of 25 ft., 6 iVF
  • VR 600 screed is capable of many screed profiles with crown, sloping extensions and berm (each independently operated). Berm widths are available in 12 in., 18 in. and 24 in.
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