Cat F Series Asphalt Pavers

Caterpillar doubled generator power on the AP1055F/AP1000F pavers to 70 kw to raise a 40-deg-F screed up to 265-deg-F operating temperature 15 minutes

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Caterpillar doubled generator power on board its new AP1055F tracked and AP1000F wheeled asphalt pavers to 70 kw to heat the standard 8-ft. screed from 40 deg. F. to 265-deg.-F. operating temperature in 15 minutes. Previous models burned more than twice as much fuel in the 45 minutes needed to do the same thing. The new heating system will bring the SE60V XW screed extended to 33 ft. up to operating temperature in 25 minutes.

  • Three screed options: the SE60V, SE60V XW and the SE60 VT XW, which offer both vibratory and tamper bars
  • Backlit touch-panel controls run Cat grade and slope systems from either side of the machine, up on the tractor or down on the screed
  • Proportional extender control offers two speeds and can be operated from the screed, tractor or new pendant controls
  • 1,766-tph thoughput capacity
  • All-hydraulic functions move faster and more powerfully than previous models' electric functions
  • 225-hp Cat C7.1 Tier 4 Final engine with Eco Mode and Automatic Engine Speed Control delivers power when needed
  • Top-mounted cooling system directs fumes, hot air, and fan noise away the from crew
  • Optional six-wheel drive on the AP1000F triples pulling force
  • Replacing screed heating elements takes about an hour, down from 4 to 8 hours on the E Series
  • Vibration system runs in an oil bath, replacing grease zerks

Brochure: Cat F Series Asphalt Pavers and Screeds

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