Carlson CP75 Commercial Paver

Unit features one-piece forward tilting hood and forward access panel over the hopper for easy maintenance and serviceability

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Carlson Paving Products has upgraded its economical paver, the CP75, to a Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV platform. 

  • 74-hp Deutz 2.9 Tier IV Final turbocharged engine provides higher torque, better fuel economy and horsepower at lower rpms
  • Operator-focused platform with screed-mounted controls, intuitive lever and switch placement at operator stations and lowered front hood
  • Heavy duty, replaceable components including true conveyor floor plates and hardened steel auger flights
  • High Flow Conveyor System eliminates segregation by combining the efficiency and anti-segregation performance of a rubberized belt with the durability and reliability of a chain and slat system
  • Electrically heated EZC813 screed features full length element hold downs, adjustable deck cones, adjustable slide track system and more
  • Options include the commercial class-leading EZC815 electrically heated screed, LED flood lights, grade and slope automation and more

[VIDEO] Features of Carlson's CP75 Asphalt Paver

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