Dynapac FC1400C Commercial Class 8-ft Tracked Paver

Dynapac Fc1400 C Tracked Paver

The Dynapac FC1400C is equipped with extreme grade poly tracks, rebuildable wear-resistant conveyor floor plates, segmented high-wear augers and automatic match height control.

  • 67-hp T4i engine that has a double pump drive system
  • The innovative COOL BOX cooling system secures a longer component life
  • FC1400C includes features that enhance operator comfort and ease of use
  • Dual operating station with cable drive as well as simplified toggle switch controls for ease of operation
  • Vibrating screed uses front-mounted hydraulic extensions for maximum flexibility
  • The VF0814C screed is a heavy-duty 3,200-lb. front extension screed with a continuous ignition propane screed heating system capable of paving 8- to 14-ft widths
  • Two bottom augers are mounted with the screed extension and provide continuous delivery of materials
  • The FC1400C can be equipped with the FleetLink telematics system, safeguarding uptime


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