Caterpillar F-Series Asphalt Pavers

Five models offer intuitive, accessible technology and a quick-heating screed system that increases production and efficiency

Caterpillar AP655F
Caterpillar AP655F
Caterpill 10210679

The AP500F and AP600F asphalt pavers feature wheeled undercarriages, while the AP555F, AP655F and AP1055F are equipped with the Mobil-Trac undercarriage with oscillating bogies and smooth or treaded rubber belts. All five models come with the SE-Series screed platform, available with vibratory only or vibratory and tamper bars. Some models have screed packages with the capability of paving up to 33 ft. wide.

  • ACERT Tier 4 Final engine includes standard Eco-mode and automatic engine speed control
  • Refined heat distribution of screeds allows the integrated generator to bring screed plates to the proper temperature in approximately 15 minutes
  • Screed heating system diagnostics automatically compensate in the event a screed temperature sensor fails
  • Abrasion-resistant steel screed plates bolt to the screed frame 
  • Screed extensions equipped with two-speed proportional control for enhanced responsiveness near obstacles and more precise control
  • Organized, efficient control system with technololgy functions accessed through color touch screens
  • Propel and feeder system settings transfer between stations with the touch of a switch
  • Speed, operation and travel modes automatically adjusted at both stations
  • Operators can make screed adjustments or operate Cat Grade Control from the tractor consoles
  • Single-button auto-feeder system
  • Auto-fill button alternates between running the augers and conveyors
  • Wheeled undercarriage models available with six-wheel drive, front-wheel assist or four-wheel drive options
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