Vögele Introduces Witos to Paving Applications

WITOS Paving allows paving data and delivery notes to be recorded and automates the sending of job-site reports.

Voegele Witos Paving Docu En
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WITOS Paving Plus is a telematics solution that enables all processes from the mixing plant to the paving process to be coordinated and actively optimized in real time.

  • With WITOS Paving Docu, site managers and foremen can get started directly on the job site without any prior planning and record a wide array of additional paver and paving data, such as working widths, pave speed and interruptions to the paving work and the effective paving time
  • Delivery notes can also be scanned in using a QR code or entered manually, allowing paved areas, paved material quantities and areal densities to be calculated continuously
  • At the end of a day's paving, job-site reports are sent automatically by e-mail to selected recipients
  • The app and the paver are networked via WLAN, so information can be exchanged between the machine and the foreman’s smartphone even where there is no mobile phone connection
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