BOMAG CR 820 Asphalt Paver

BOMAG 8-ft. class pavers offer improved visibility, operating efficiency and highway class machine features

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The BOMAG CR 820 Series of 8-ft. pavers feature a new operator’s platform, new controls and improved visibility.

  • Delivering all the power, versatility and heavy-duty design as previous paver models, a 160-hp diesel engine meets stringent Tier 4 Final emissions standards and offers ample reserve to efficiently power all paver functions plus push fully loaded trucks up steep grades
  • 10-ton hopper capacity offers more time between truck exchanges when paving parking lots, pavement overlays, development streets, county highways and interstate shoulders
  • Both the rubber track and tire models, the CR 820 T and CR 820 W respectively, are built with significant upgrades to the operator’s platform, which improve visibility and the operator experience
  • New dual swing-out seat and consoles provide improved visibility from both the left- and right-hand sides of the paver
  • SIDEVIEW swivels the seat and console outward at four differing angles to deliver unobstructed views to the sides of the paver and the screed end gates.
  • 7-in. multifunction color screen display at each console provides easy viewing of critical operating functions, gauges, parameters and fault messages for quick troubleshooting at the jobsite to improve serviceability and paver uptime
  • Blade-type toggle switches, each controlling a single paver function, improve switch reliability and provide fast, easy replacement anywhere and anytime
  • Sound-insulated composite engine hood delivers quieter paving to improve operator comfort, while its sloped design provides a clear view into the hopper from the operator’s seat
  • Hopper wings are securely held in the up position with manual locks, improving safety while servicing the machine
  • Three-Point suspension to float the paver over subbase irregularities and maintains preset screed slope and grade, delivering higher mat smoothness over commercial pavers with a fixed rear suspension
  • Stretch 16 hydraulically extendible screed offers infinitely variable paving widths from 8-16 ft . and a maximum paving depth of 12 in.
  • Quick-connecting extension kits deliver a maximum paving width reaching 20 ft.
  • Automated screed lock keeps the screed securely in a raised position for transport, maintenance and storage
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