8500E Asphalt Paver

8500 E 33
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Boasting of a small footprint yet retaining a 15 foot-wide screed, the LeeBoy 8500E allows for wider and longer pulls than competitive pavers. The new and improved 8500E series paver is equipped for the next generation, with a 71 hp Kubota turbocharged diesel engine: DOC only. No regen required. This machine is enhanced with 12″ augers, heavy duty radius hopper wings, and more robust hydraulics for cooling and efficiency. The larger fuel tank increases the daily run time. These enhancements make the 8500E more productive than ever, along with less hand work, means the end user minimizes the number of stops which increases productivity and profitability. The 8500E features upgraded controls which lessens any learning curve and allows for immediate use. This paver is a true commercial class machine easily fitting onto a trailer with other complementary equipment in order to provide high revenue opportunities for its patrons.

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