Dynapac SD2500CS PROTAC

The SD2500CS PROTAC spray paver was primarily designed for the application of thin asphalt surface layers, and road repair and construction.

Sd2500 Cs Protac (16)
Dynapac Fayat Group Red Black Final

The Dynapac Spraypaver PROTAC brings two processes together in one machine: paving and spraying. With the Dynapac PROTAC everything is seamlessly integrated into the system and easily activated. The sliding bar concept with symmetric hoses ensures a uniform emulsion mat.

Due to the smart heating concept with mats and heating rod the emulsion is heated up in a gentle and efficient way for the highest quality. From 100l up to 2100l.

The SD2500CS PROTAC spray paver is primarily designed for two application areas. The first is for the application of thin asphalt surface layers using “Thin layer in hot paving on sealant”. The second is for road repair, as well as for new road construction and everyday asphalting tasks. The use of thin asphalt surface layers, especially for maintenance construction, is ideal for weathered, but intact substrates.

Thanks to the sealing via a binder film, it provides a permanent protection layer against moisture as well as offering more grip. The result: roads with significantly longer service lives. The SD2500CS PROTAC sprays emulsion and applies asphalt in a single operation. In doing so, it increases operational efficiency while saving resources. What’s more, the road can also be opened faster traffic, thus reducing construction costs.

Additionally, numerous measurements have confirmed that DSH-V surfaces have a noise reduction potential of about 5 dB(A). Moreover, the low thickness layer helps conserves resources, material use, time, and energy.

  • Stay safe with great overview
  • Extend your paving season with the Dynapac THE screed
  • The PROTAC can spray 200g/m² with a uniform and even spray pattern
  • Spray up to 6.5m wide roads – stepless
  • The slidable spray bars automatically follow the screed movement
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