SmartEdge Joint Detection

Precise Paving Starts with High-Quality Joints and Correct Overlap

Astec Roadtec Rp 195 Paver
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The SmartEdge screed automation technology promises precise joint matching on the RP-195 paver. Designed for the new F-Series Roadtec pavers, Astec SmartEdge is a revolutionary joint detection technology that uses laser technology to precisely generate a 3D model of any concrete or asphalt vertical edge which allows for precision joint matching during paving. This ensures improved longitudinal joints and correct overlap, both of which are essential for quality road paving.


  • Improved Longitudinal Joint: SmartEdge ensures longitudinal joint quality through more consistent overlap.
  • Increased Productivity: SmartEdge automates screed extension adjustments, which saves time and labor by reducing the learning curve for operators.
  • Improved Accuracy: The SmartEdge system eliminates the need for reliance on manual methods, which can be inaccurate and time-consuming.
  • Operator Safety: Potential for removing operator from traffic side or pinch point.


The SmartEdge system consists of:

  • A lane edge sensor utilizing laser technology.
  • Control head unit with touchscreen.
  • An operator uses the control head touchscreen to set edge parameters to meet the job’s specifications.
  • The control head unit then uses this information to automatically create a flight path for the screed endgate to follow. 


SmartEdge Joint Detection uses laser technology to track the lane edge. This unique feature provides a level of accuracy 600 times greater than competitor’s systems. 

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