Up Close and Personal with the LeeBoy 8520C Electric Paver Prototype

One of the best parts of CONEXPO is getting to see first-person and hands-on what these new machines look like. After the company announced their new electric paver concept, their booth on the show floor was buzzing with foot traffic.

On Media Monday, at CONEXPO 2023, LeeBoy unveiled their new e8530C fully electric paver. You can read our write up of their announcement here.

Although it is still in concept phase, the team at LeeBoy worked alongside other engineering partners, like General Motors, in order to bring it to life and have it on the show floor. We had to get out and see it in person, and bring you some video of what it looks like.

From talking with industry professionals who were at the show, there's a tentative interest in the wave of alternative-fuel vehicles coming to market. It's like a game of industry chicken. The OEMs are looking to see what consumers will do, and how they will respond to these offerings. They hope that the government incentives, and other trends will lead them to adoption of their products.

At the same time, the consumers are watching and waiting to see if this is just purely a new "fad" that might fade away in a few years time, leaving them with highly specific machines and little-to-know support or continued development. Either way, one thing was for sure, there was a lot of interest surrounding this particular machine. 

Brian Hall, sales manager for LeeBoy, walked us through their extremely busy booth in order to get a first hand account of what the vision behind this product is for the company.