Pro-Deck Vibrating Screen Optimization System

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The Pro-Deck System is a new approach to maximizing a screening system.

  • Implements an analysis and modification strategy in processing operations to maximize screen productivity and minimize wear by selecting the appropriate type of screen media according to the three phases of screening, which esults in a fully optimized screening process for greater efficiency and productivity, as well as less unscheduled maintenance and extended screen life
  • With each phase of the screening functioning differently, a customized screen media approach helps tailor the screen media to each phase accounting for the two most important factors in screen media – open area and wear life
  • Also evaluates material characteristics, the current functioning of the plant and final output qualities to ensure the best blending of screen media
  • Adjustments to the screen media are made one section at a time and results are closely monitored to ensure the highest quality output and maximum productivity
  • Pro-Deck approach can be applied to any vibrating screen unit in virtually any application