Lo-Density Hot Oil Circulating Heater

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Hot Oil Circulating Heater systems provide automatically controlled, even-temperature heat-transfer fluid.

  • The systems offer unique benefits for asphalt plants, including lower operating costs, improved product quality, reduced maintenance, significantly longer heater life,and enhanced sustainability
  • With the PHCo indirect heating systems, heat from electric energy is transferred to the oil, which then carries it to the area or process where it is needed
  • Using the Lo-Density Coil-Lock-design heating elements, which reside within a drywell, the units dissipate controlled heat as low as eight watts per square inch on the heater’s sheath, eliminating coking or carbonization of the transfer oil
  • Because the drywell-style elements are accessible from outside of the system, they also may be serviced without draining the heater
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