Lo-Density Asphalt Plant Heaters

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Process Heating's line of asphalt heaters includes Unitized Tank Heaters, Hot Oil Heat Transfer Systems and Fuel Oil Preheaters. The all-in-one combination tank/hot oil heater combines immersion heating and heat transfer systems into one package.

  • Install in any above ground storage tank
  • Precise UL Listed temperature controls and low watt density elements heat asphalt and emulsion; 24-hour automatic operation of both tank and transfer oil heat
  • Fuel oil preheaters features system that increases atomization, insures smoother flow and improves accuracy of temperature control and combustion
  • Hot oil heater includes: packaged ASME coded heat exchanger, pumping, expansion tank, UL Listed temperature/pump control panel, and automatic timer
  • Rugged tubular heaters thermostatically controlled to maintain precise temperatures
  • Heated pump enclosure includes: pump, valves and components house in insulated metal enclosure; available in free-standing an in tank versions
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